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Education for everyone

Online Educational Courses For Remote Learning.

Goal Checkpoints

Set goals to complete courses for your future career and vocational direction

Self Development

Develop skills for various areas of focus

Ask Consultancy

Feel free to contact us to discuss what options are available to help assist with pursuit of your career goals

Remote Learning

Learn from any were in the world on desktop, tablet or mobile phone with an internet connection.

Online Learning

Certification Certificate and Remote Classes

Certificate Earned

Earn your Certificate of Completion when you successfully complete a course.

Zoom Meeting Alternative

Meet for class with Zoom as an alternative option to Microsoft Teams.

Internet-Based Classroom Learning

Classes conveniently meet remotely.

Microsoft Teams Meeting

Effortlessly meet for class meetings with Microsoft Teams.

Industry-Recognized Certifications

Courses are bundled with associated industry-exam vouchers for certification to earn industry-recognized credentials.

Education for everyone

Online Educational Courses For Remote Learning.

Asynchronous Learning

View and study course materials anytime of the day.

Calendar Scheduling

Schedule time to meet with course instructor for additional help if needed.

Synchronous Learning

Meet for classes virtually for remote learning.

Tutoring Support

Courses come with tutoring support, giving you the option to reach out for help.

Learn at your own pace

Get rid of old school assumptions


Develop Your Career Goals

The combination of all senses into learning

Learn with all your SENSES

Learning you Use

Learn at your Pace

Current Signature Courses

Education for everyone

Online Educational Courses For Remote Learning.

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Business/ Administrative

Skills and Trades